Six week visit

So, I had my six week post partum visit today at the doctor’s office.  Izzy stayed home with the peanut while I went.  The visit went well I thought. I was there for quite some time though because I got the Mirena IUC put in.  They did it right in the office and it’s good for five years (but of course you can get it taken out anytime earlier then that if you choose to). The midwife that I see is awesome – we talked about stuff other than the medical aspects of being postpartum, which the M.D. that I usually see doesn’t always do. She was also really gentle when putting the IUD in – it actually involved more then a speculum and involved them stretching my cervix and uterus out enough that they could get the IUD in.

I was also cleared to go to the gym, which is good, and will be starting to go back beginning tomorrow.  I’m not going to be starting out hard core – walking and leg weights only probably, and no abs for a while – I’m afraid of losing all the healing work that I’ve done. Izzy and I have worked out a schedule where I go to the gym in the evening, after he gets home and he takes care of the baby. Then I agreed to make dinner or pick dinner up on the way home. I think it’s a fair trade – I get out of the house and he gets alone time with the kid. It will also help me start on the baby weight loss track.

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