I wasn’t the first in my group of friends from high school to have a baby. I can think of at least two others that have beaten me to it. However, that doesn’t make the transition from baby-less friend to friend with baby any easier.  One of my girlfriends from high school came up to visit me this weekend (thank goodness!) and I felt that all I could talk and think about when I was with her was Nate. I must have been really boring.  I mean, we went to a bookstore for crying out loud and all I could think about was when I could go home and see the baby – and of course everywhere we looked there were little babies being rolled around and babies crying with their parents and all the stuff that reminds you of what an awful parent you are when you’re not with the little peanut. I felt like such an awful friend. Here was this amazing person taking the time out of her busy life to drive 5 hours to visit me and all I could think about was the peanut.  ::Sigh::

It also really hit home how my life has to be so minutely planned right now as compared to the baby-less folks and how I envied them their lives. I couldn’t help but think about how I could decide at midnight on a Friday night that I was going skiing the next day and could actually do it. I had no responsibilities to anyone like I do now. I could book a trip to Vegas on a whim. I really want to do that now – just up and go somewhere – and I can’t. I guess I’ll get used to it.


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  1. Silly Lissa…I had a great time with you — I didn’t think you were boring at all! And was I not totally noticing the babies everywhere along with you? Chris and I talked about how much fun we had all the way home, so no worries! You aren’t an awful friend at all. The whole intention of coming to visit was to see you and Nate and Izzy, with all that visiting new parents entails. Of course you’re going to be thinking of Nate when you’re not with him, which should also help to soothe your worries about being a bad mommy — just look how bonded you are, that he was on your mind. 🙂 I enjoyed my weekend immensely, and I just hope you did too. 🙂

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