Picking a ped?

When I was looking to select a pediatrician for Nate, I had a whole list of things that I wanted my pediatrician to be.  Most importantly, I wanted my pediatrician to be patient with me and not make me feel like a complete ass when I call him in a panic because my baby looks funny or cries funny one time and who will humor me as I ask him 100 questions about something as inane as a diaper rash. Izzy and I went to at least three Meet the Pediatrician nights, where we interviewed doctors and asked them questions about their positions on various topics from circumcision to breastfeeding to vaccines and autism and their office hours and on call policies.  Anyways, we ended up agreeing as to a practitioner after our last visit. Surprisingly, we both liked the same pediatrician (usually we have extended discussions over ANYTHING). It was the easiest decision that we ever made together. We liked this pediatrician because he was young (as were his partners), they each had young children (his son is a year older than Nate, so he knows what we’re going through as new parents) and I loved how he and his partners explained things. Now, my husband and I are not stupid people. We both went to good colleges and have jobs that require us to think on our feet creatively. But that doesn’t mean we know everything about everything, especially re: medical stuff.  And this doctor was able to break down his answers for us and explain it in layman’s terms without making me feel like an idiot. As someone who has to do that with her own clients in the legal realm, I really appreciated how good he was at doing this -it’s not an easy skill to acquire.

Anyways, to the point of this post. Yesterday, we brought Nate in for his two month appointment. He was exactly two months old, the little bugger. It was so hard to believe that two months had gone by since his birth – it had both flown by and dragged by.  He is eleven and a half pounds!!!  What a chunk!  He had to get a bunch of shots too…the poor boy jumped when the nurse pricked him with the first one. The doctor spent about 20 minutes with us answering my questions about autism and vaccines, the gook that was coming out of his eye and feedings. I brought Nate home, thinking everything would work out – he’d be ok. Anyways, he woke up about 2 hours later and just wasn’t himself – he was way mellow, wouldn’t eat as well as normal, was sleeping a lot and at one point his hands started shaking. So I gave him some infant Tyelnol and called the doctor. I got a call back from the nurse about 15 minutes later and she was wicked frazzled.  I began describing him – and I used the word lethargic. So she asked me some follow up questions and she was like “So he’s really not lethargic is he?” in this tone that conveyed her annoyance with me. Then she said something along the lines of “Shots aren’t supposed to be pleasant for them.”  And all I could think was “I know, you f’ing idiot, but my son isn’t acting like himself, I’m a new mom, I freaked out and I called.  I was trying to be a good mom and how dare you act annoyed because I’m trying to do the right thing.”

As I hung up the phone, I thought to myself “The only reason I’m not going to find another doctor is because I love my doctor himself. Just because the nurse is a jerk doesn’t mean the doctor stinks.” And then I also thought that she could kiss my ass. It’s my child’s health, so she could just bite me if she thinks that I’m not going to call the experts when I have a concern about his health.  And I picked up my son, comforted him, kissed him, hugged him, told him how much I loved him, apologized to him for how miserable he was feeling and thought about how grateful I was that we had a decent doctor!


One thought on “Picking a ped?

  1. You might also mention it to your doctor, just that you called and you were made to feel stupid for calling. I’ve heard doctors say that they are only as good as their office staff – it’s very important. Hopefully that was just a fluke and that person was having a bad day? *hugs*

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