Returning to work

Yesterday I stopped by the office to show off Nate and realized a few things – I am returning to work on Thursday, full time and they have begun assigning me cases already.  I am conflicted about returning to work.  Secretly, (perhaps not so secretly now!!) I am super excited about returning to work – I will be challenged in a way that I’m used to being challenged in and that I have more confidence in than what I’m doing now.  Then, there’s the adult conversation, which is more stimulating than having your two month old kind of gaze at nothing while you’re talking to him.  However, I hate the idea of leaving my infant with someone else. I want to be with him all the time, even though he can’t talk back to me right now. I want to protect him.  I had this dream last night where my child was taken away from me and he had cancer. All I did in the dream was cry whenever I heard him cry.  It made my heart sad.  Talk about your subconscious coming through for you!

On another note, it’s snowing here yet again. Snow pretty much means that I’m limited to my house because I get really nervous about driving around with the peanut in massive amounts of snow. We’re supposed to get 5-10 inches of the white stuff today that we could do without, being that we’re over 100 inches for the season already.


One thought on “Returning to work

  1. Melissa-

    Stopped by via your comment and wanted to say thanks for the book reveiw… I was already thinking about going out and picking up The Other Boleyn Girl.

    Maybe I’ll make it over to B&N this afternoon 🙂

    -LeeAnn (AKA Frazzmom)

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