So, I have an ambitious game plan for my scheduling when I return to work. It includes getting up early, going to the gym and then going to work, fitting pumping schedules in before and after my workout and while I’m at work. It involves picking my boo up from daycare at 5:00 or earlier depending on when I can sneak out of work and trying to start dinner on some nights. Izzy’s pretty good at doing the household stuff if I’m taking care of the baby so if he’s caring for Nate one night, I’ll cook and clean and do laundry.

I am pretty nervous about going back to work tomorrow, quite honestly. I don’t know what to expect from my feelings – will it go smoothly? Will I hate it and be thinking about Nate all the time?  Will I hit the ground running and do everything that needs to be done as if I weren’t gone for three months?  What will it be like?  ::sigh::

On another note, I took my first yoga class at the gym yesterday. It was half an hour and it was a class designed to increase flexibility for athletes.  There were some poses that I simply couldn’t do because I could feel my incision stretching in ways that it shouldn’t stretch but I could do 90% of them. And I felt awesome afterwards.  Flexibility was never one of my strong suits as an athlete.  I could barely touch my toes when we were doing warm-ups before matches or games. The breathing also helped quiet my anxiety some. I think that I’m going to have to make time to attend at least one yoga class a week from here on out because it will help me with my anxiety and will teach me to place my focus somewhere using breathing.


One thought on “Ambitious

  1. Yay for Yoga!
    I’m glad you enjoyed your class! Definitely keep me updated on how it goes. As you know, it’s done great things for me over the past year…

    Also, you might think about looking into are Mommy/baby classes. From what I’ve read about them and heard about them from my friends here in the DC yoga community they are lots of fun and a great way to continue bonding. 🙂

    Be well babe!

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