Sunday, Sunday…

Today was a gorgeous day weatherwise – sunny, warm…and all I did was laundry. OK, not really!  I had a yoga class this morning that was an hour and a half of me stretching and breathing and meditating.  It made me feel so good.  If only I could find time to do that during the week! I thought about what I had to accomplish this upcoming week and what I would do to accomplish that and I revelled in the fact that I have lost 20 pounds since Nate was born.  Only 25 more to go! 🙂

Izzy and I took Nate for a walk around the neighborhood today and he was completely serious for 85% of the trip.  He is usually like that for new experiences but once he relaxed, he started looking around and smiling. He also rolled over last weekend from front to back and can get halfway from back to front. He’s been playing with the handing toys, grasping onto things much better (including his bottles!), holding his head much steadier and just being really cool.  He tries to talk to us too. 🙂

I cannot believe that a year ago these upcoming weeks we found out that we were pregnant with him. So much has changed in our lives!


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