Nate constantly amazes me. Everyday he learns something new and it’s really awesome to see what each day brings. A few weeks ago, he rolled over.  Lately, he’s been playing peek-a-boo with us and “talking” to us as we change him – he’ll start vocalizing and we’ll respond and he’ll respond back to us. I’ve also been taking him on “field trips” when I pick him up from daycare. On Monday, we went to Wasserman Park and watched the boy’s tennis team from Merrimack High School. He was absolutely mesmerized. Today, we went to Petco and saw fish and snakes. Nate had no use for the snakes but loved the fish!  He’s growing so much and so quickly – it’s exciting but going so fast!

I still remember my life before having him and sometimes I really miss it. I miss the spontaneity. But I wouldn’t give up looking over to my little man and catching him gazing at me adoringly and then getting his shy smile as he realizes that I’m returning his gaze…


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