Is it possible?

So, is it possible to train one’s body to function on less sleep?  I mean, there are so many things that I want to get done (play me some World of Warcraft, read those overdue library books) or need to get done (like laundry, cleaning up my house etc.) which I can’t because I work full time and have a 4.5 month old son. I’m always so exhausted when I come home that it’s hard to get things done.  Lately, I’ve been emotionally drained too.

I’m having a hard time losing the baby weight. I’ve reached a plateau in my weight loss.  I’m struggling with my eating habits, which went to hell when I got pregnant and was a slave to my cravings.  I’m also struggling to find time to exercise. I’m hoping to solve the exercise issue – it has been getting nicer lately so I’m hoping to be able to bring Nate outside with me for some walking. In many ways, I’m more confident in bringing him out with me than I was when he was just born and I was afraid to look at him let alone hold him.  However, I still get sweaty palms whenever I’m out with him and he starts fussing. A big part of it is “Will people think I’m a bad mom?” – I have a hard time putting what my sister in law said into practice – they can kiss my ass because I know I’m a good mom. It’s also frustrating because for the majority of my life, I’ve been active. In high school I was one of those people that played on three soccer teams for each season and was often participating in another varsity sport at the same time. In college, I was a two sport varsity athlete and played club rugby. Even in law school, I played on a club soccer team, played squash and went to the gym regularly and have skiied regularly since law school as well.

Any suggestions on being more active and/or changing my eating habits?


3 thoughts on “Is it possible?

  1. You’re forgetting you only have to be a ‘good enough’ mother! No one’s perfect. And Nate only needs you to look at him, contain his emotions, love him and be attuned to his needs. Sounds like you’re doing that just fine! Who cares what the other mums might think – and this is not provable anyway unless you ask them, so just go walking with him like you plan to do, and the weight will take care of itself in the process. I’m sure I read somewhere recently that those who stint on sleep put on weight… That’s my excuse anyway! Good luck.

  2. These things come to test your faith, have faith everythings a ‘matter of time’ – be at peace with yourself – listen, you will hear. Persistence overcomes Resistance!

  3. I have no suggestions because I suck at it, too.

    When you take Nate for walks – do you have him sit up “big kid” style in the stroller? The few times I’ve taken Andrew out in his stroller, he starts fussing. But he’s still been in his infant carrier seat… not sitting up yet. Wonder if that would be better.

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