Those parenting books…

…that everyone’s talking about, yeah.  I’ve gotten them by the cartons full from my parents, my husband’s parents and the random people that I work with. Now these are the books with titles like The Happiest Baby on the Block, Raising Cain (the only one that looks remotely interesting), and It’s a Boy (more of a textbook then anything else) along with the expected Dr. Spock’s. I’ve perused most of them, skimming the chapter headings and delving into the chapters that i found most interesting and I’ve learned a few things:  everyone has an opinion as to how to raise ANY child and, in this case, how to specifically raise a boy.  Everyone, including the random person on the street as well as the author that is making money selling parenting books, will be giving the new parent advice as to how to raise a child.  And I’ve also learned that some of what worked for them will work for me and Nate and some of what worked for them won’t work for me or Nate. I’ve learned to try to be open minded (except for those people that are all like “You’re doing WHAT?! Are You NUTS?!” For instance – you’re switching to formula only NOW – but he’s only 5 months. Breast is best – are you CRAZY?! YOU MUST GIVE OVER YOUR BOOBIES UNTIL YOUR SON IS IN COLLEGE OR HE WILL HAVE EAR INFECTIONS!!!”) and to try the suggestions out a few times at least because some will work and some won’t, no matter how many times we try it out. There are also some things that I won’t try, no matter what (like putting cereal in the milk bottle) because the pediatrician (the expert!) has told me not to.

So I guess the moral of the story is that parenting is often hit or miss. You will be inundated with a ton of information as to what parenting methods you should or shouldn’t be employing with your child. But when it comes down to it, the best parents are those that love their children and do the best that they can with the methods that work best with their children’s personality (and that is legal and not abusive!).


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