Wow, I’m tired!

The last few days, I’ve been more tired than I’ve ever thought that I could be.  Part of it is that on Sunday night, into Monday morning, Nate didn’t sleep that well. He was up every couple of hours.  I think that his gums were bothering him – he’s been chewing on everything. Teething is wonderful!  Just when you think it’s getting better, it gets a lot worse.  However, he has slept well the last few days.

I’m also exhausted because I’ve been in jury trial mode. I think that the fact that I’m a mom and have so much to do while I’m at home in addition to the stresses of being in a jury trial at work (which is the most stressful part of my job) make me that much more tired. I wish that I could tell all those moms that are just returning to work that it gets easier, but I’m not sure that it does. You do get used to always running around, always being tired and always being half a step behind in getting stuff done. You also get used to having a minimal amount of time for yourself and when you do get time for yourself, you prioritize – do I really want to play World of warcraft or do I want to sleep more?

That being said, I LOVE being with Nate – he’s learning more stuff every day. He now rolls around like it’s going out of style. He can also push his head up and hold his head and upper body up easily.  He’ll be crawling soon – he just needs to figure out that he can put his feet down and push and then we’ll be in trouble!

This weekend, we have a couple of goals: begin to baby proof our tv room, which is where we spend most of our time, and take a trip to the Flume Gorge up in the North Country.


One thought on “Wow, I’m tired!

  1. I can definitely relate. Funny I’ve been thinking a lot lately how all the work and home responsibilities have me buried with little time for me. Even when it’s 10:00 at night, I feel guilty for relaxing because there’s always something to be done. BUT like you said we can gaze at our little one and all is right in the world. My son is 2.

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