In the perfect world…

…I’d work in or own my own bookstore, where I could tailor my hours to fit what Nate needs and schedule time to get my writing in.  I would be able to have writer’s workshops and knitting workshops and any kind of workshops that fit my fancy. Kitty Kat could open a coffee shop in the book store and sell her divine creations.  Nate could coo away and learn to crawl while I recommended an obscure, little known book to a patron that he or she would fall in love with.  Boy, that would be nice.

This weekend was pretty good all in all. Izzy received the Legend of Zelda game for the Wii and he played it to his heart’s content all weekend.  We spent time together and with the little one.


One thought on “In the perfect world…

  1. So when do we start?? It’s funny, a friend of mine from law school asked what I wanted to do, ultimately, with my career. And I just don’t know! But baking, coffee shop, I could see all those things making me happy. So, shall I start playing the lotto for seed money?

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