Nate gave me so much joy today.  Even though he’s been waking up at 2 in the morning for the last few nights to eat and generally complain about the state of his teeth (one has officially popped through his gums!!!). Lately, Izzy and I have come up with a schedule that works so much better than what we were doing before. Instead of piecemeal getting the little one ready for the day, with me changing him after I shower and then Izzy feeding him and dropping him off, I will get up, exercise, have my coffee and pack his items for the day while Izzy gets him ready. I then drop him off at daycare, go to work and pick him up. We then hang out together from about five until Izzy gets home at 7. I then make dinner while Izzy hangs out with him.

My time with Nate involves a variety of different activities. I try to take field trips with him when I can – usually it involves the weather cooperating with us. It can’t be too hot or thundering out or raining because a lot of what I like to do with him involves us being outdoors.  One time, I took him to see the horses at the Anheuser Busch plant – they keep the Clydesdales there. Another few times, we go to the park and watch the kids play baseball or tennis or we just hang out on the swings.  Today, we went to Target. Sometimes we go to the library.

Anyways, today my joy started when I picked him up at day care. I walked in and started talking to him and he turned to me, saw me, recognized me and got this big wide smile on his face. He also got so excited that he started wriggling around. It made me so happy. Then, in Target, he spontaneously burst into a fit of giggles. I got him to keep laughing for a full five minutes by talking to him and making faces at him and blowing kisses at him.  He’s just so wonderful. It amazes me that just a little less then six mnths ago, I was struggling with my feelings towards him and about him. There are times that I get super frustrated – it’s never easy at 2 in the morning dealing with a fussy baby.  It’s never easy to hear him whine about his gums and know that there isn’t a whole lot that you can do to ease the discomfort. Sometimes you get annoyed.  But those moments are superseded by the moments when you hear him laugh or you catch him looking at you with such complete and utter adoration. 


One thought on “giggles

  1. It’s awesome that he is portable like that. Andrew isn’t a big fan of going places yet. I feel like we’re in the house ALL THE TIME. I wish I could get out more… but by the time I’m off work at 3:00p, I don’t feel like going to the trouble of getting myself ready to leave the house. Hopefully that will change a bit once I’m working in the office everyday.

    I actually prefer the times when Andrew gets up at 2 am. 😉 It’s the only time where I feel like I’m the one who can calm him down. The rest of the day I am fighting with him to get him to nurse or even stay in my arms for longer than a few seconds.

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