Holiday wrap-up

So I neglected to mention in my last posting about vacation how we spent the last few days we were there. On the actual Fourth, Nate, Izzy and I accompanied my mom and dad to the Duckwalk Vineyard in Water Mill, NY and we had a wine tasting.  I had been to wine tastings and vineyards before, but it was a long time ago. Before Nate. Before Law School.  Before Becoming a Lawyer and Having No Life. And I didn’t really appreciate it as much then as I did this last go around. But let’s just say that I loved it this time.

Boy, that really made me feel old to read that last statement.

Anyways, we got there and were able to get 6 tastes for $4.  I opted to taste the following: Gatsby, Windmill Red, Windmill White, the Pinot Noir and I don’t remember the last one. I ended up buying bottles of the first two because they were the best. The first was a red wine that you could serve chilled during the summer with your bar-b-qued stuff.  The second is a red wine with a smokey aftertaste that would be perfect after skiing all day.  Gift hint coming up: If anyone ever wants to get me a gift for birthdays, anniversaries or holidays, bottles of wine from this vineyard would be much appreciated!

I’ve also re-dedicated myself to trying to live a healthier life. I was up at 5 this morning, walked for thirty minutes and then did thirty minutes of yoga. I fully intended to do another hour of yoga this afternoon but somewhere along the line, taking care of the baby got in the way.


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