Teenage parenthood is FUN?!

So in a recent magazine article, Jamie Lynn Spears, who revealed her pregnancy at 16, said that parenting was fun.  Teenage parenting, mind you, is fun.  While there are some aspects of being a parent that are fun, I would have to disagree with Ms. Spears in general.

Ms. Spears is not your average teen by a long shot. She makes a ton of money, has made a ton of money on her show and probably has a ton of help in caring for her baby.  She probably doesn’t have to worry about income during the next few weeks, unlike many other teen and adult moms who either have to quit school to work or return to work within weeks of giving birth in order to make sure that they have enough money to support their new child. She probably doesn’t have to worry about job schedules or losing a job.

Being a parent at any age is not always peachy keen.  Crying, teething babies.  Babies when they’re sick. Juggling schedules to take care of sick babies.  I can’t even imagine doing this without a partner and quite frankly, I doubt that a lot of teen boys participate as much as Jamie Lynn’s probably is. Teen parents have a whole set of unique challenges – school or job, single parenthood, support of parents or not to name just a few. I guess what I’m saying is that this article puts such a sugar coating on parenthood and, specifically teen parenthood, that it makes me leary.  My concern is that other young, young girls look at Jamie and say “hey she’s doing it and it’s fine, i want to get knocked up right now!”. Maybe I’m overreacting….or reading too much into it or not giving teens enough credit.


2 thoughts on “Teenage parenthood is FUN?!

  1. I agree with you. Bad impressions for young people.

    But then, look at her sister. She wasn’t a teenager and was married – but still totally messed up with her family situation. Definitely no better.

    It’s unfortunate. Celebrities are rarely good role models, especially when it comes to parenting.

  2. Well said. I’ve worked with teenagers (as a teacher and principal) for over 25 years and have observed all of the situations you mentioned. A sad reality. Well, at least Jamie and Brittany’s mom thinks she has it together. I believe she is (or was) planning a book on parenting.

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