My bucket list and daycare woes

So before I get to the fun part of this post, I have to share.  The director of the daycare that we bring Nate to was fired and I’m not sure why.  She sent an email around saying that she had been terminated and pretty much said that she thought that she had been terminated wrongfully. She even said that her good name was being trashed by her former staff and she couldn’t understand why.  Honestly, I’m not quite sure why she was terminated – I’m almost afraid to ask – because I hadn’t ever seen anything wrong with the care that Nate was given.  Logistically speaking though, she was never in the room taking care of Nate so I wouldn’t have known, necessarily, if she had caused a problem.  Should I ask her what the reason was?

Quite frankly the timing was kind of wierd too. The daycare was going through the national accrediting process. Of course, they are already state certified. And they had attained the national accreditation with flying colors, scoring in the highest percentile (Only the best for Nate!).  They had JUST attained the accreditation within the last few weeks and then she’s terminated. But then she sends out this email and, quite frankly, that turned me off. On the one hand I can understand that she’s probably feeling hurt and wronged and wants to clear her name, but I just felt undercurrents of catty-ness all around and I didn’t like that, particularly if the catty-ness was showing up in front of Nate. That’s not necessarily a conducive environment for the lil man.  I mean, I know that Izzy and I aren’t perfect but we try to make the environment at home safe, fun and loving for Nate.

So, should I ask or what?

So I’ve been thinking of my bucket list. What things do I want to do or see in my life? And I’ve come up with the following:

  1. Learn to knit and knit a blanket
  2. See Italy – specifically Venice and Sicily
  3. See Greece
  4. See Copenhagen
  5. Ski in the Alps and in Colorado
  6. Write a book
  7. Learn how to snowboard
  8. See Tokyo, Japan
  9. See Hong Kong
  10. Visit all the 50 States
  11. Read 100 books in one year

What is on your list?


3 thoughts on “My bucket list and daycare woes

  1. Both of your lists have some elements of mine. I set my list almost 20 years ago (when I turned 30). Mine consists of 50 items and I am down to two. I have been a principal (now a university professor), obtained my doctorate, visited London (and Stonehenge and Stratford-upon-Avon), live in California, read 52 books a year (short of Mommy’s), have visited all 50 states, moved to Colorado for a year to ski, written a book, and traveled (although my locations differed). You can see some of my comments about my list (if you are interested) at

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