Wow …

I can’t believe that it is August already. Nate is just over seven months old. 🙂 He cracks me up – he really does. He is sitting up by himself and can get himself into that sitting position by himself. He is army crawling everywhere and today, started to try to stand himself up. We’re so screwed.

I find myself to be on the fence as to whether to have a second one or not. Those first months were awful for me as a new mother – the sleep deprivation, the pain of the C-section and healing up, not being able to breastfeed as easily as I wanted to, the depression and the loneliness. But now, I feel like we’re reaping the rewards of a baby – he is coming along so well.  Nate smiles at us, giggles and adores and lights up for us.  Granted it’s not all rosy, all the time. He gets to fussing when he’s teething and that can grate on one’s nerves. I never feel like I have enough time or energy to do anything really, from household stuff, to reading and blogging and yoga.  And sometimes I resent it. Does that make me a bad mother?  I definitely don’t resent it as much as I used to. I’ve accepted my role and we’ve made room for this and we love him so much. But there are times I want to tear my hair out still!

Oh, there are pics up on flickr from the last month. They’re on private, so only family members and friends can see them. If I know you and you want to see them, email me and let me know. It’s ree to sign up for an account…


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