Back to school!

So we had our first back to school night last night. And yes, our son is only seven and a half months old. As you already know, Nate’s in daycare and we’re mostly very pleased at the way things are going.  The purpose of this night was to update us as to how Nate’s doing, what sort of things they’re working on with him, and introducing us to the toddler room, which they’ll graduate him to when he’s a little over a year old.  There was another couple there that is expecting their first child in December, right around the time that Nate turns one year old. We talked to them about our experiences and, I think, maybe convinced them that the center was a good place. The fact that Nate was smiling and socializing with them probably helped too. The better part of the night was spent in the toddler room with one of the toddler babies that spent about 2 months or 2.5 months with Nate in the infant room before she graduated up. She was wicked cute – she would walk up to Nate and kind of pet him on the head as he was sitting there and then go to get him books. She would put the book down next to him, say book, point to it and go get some more for him.

Usually, when we bring Nate in and drop him off in the mornings, there are 2 to 3 toddlers in the infant room already and he fits right in, even though he’s not a toddler. They’re happy to see him – they greet him with big smiles and cries of “Nate!” and laughter. Then I put him down and one of them will go up to him and pat him on the back. The other brings her blanket over to him and says “Blanket” and plops down beside him. The other brings him a toy, usually a squishy block or the yellow bus. And they just hang out. If they start moving around, he’ll army crawl after them and sometimes, they start a game where they go to one end of them room, so that he can crawl to them. Then they play a little bit with him, then they walk to the other end of the room so that he can craw to them again. It’s wicked cute to watch.

Last week, I got home a little early and it was nice out – sunny, not humid and the sun was low. It reminded me a little bit of late summer and really early fall – the end of September. I brought Nate out for a walk in the stroller by myself and I found myself thinking that I could easily fall into a routine where I’m home with Nate and working from home, writing or whatever. Then I thought that I couldn’t necessarily give up my work so easily because I enjoy the contacts with adults and the Internet, while a wonderful thing, can be very isolating. It’s so easy to remain inside, connecting to people via the world wide web, and never really have that face to face contact with another person. And I really do crave that interaction. I interact with a lot of people on a daily basis, so I would pretty much be withdrawing from that cold turkey and I’m not sure that I’m able and/or willing to do that. Besides, as much as I may complain about it, I like the challenges of my job.


One thought on “Back to school!

  1. Hey there! I just wanted to say thank you for linking Foul Monkeys to your blog. Have we heard from you before? How long have you been listening? Wow a mommy listens to Foul Monkeys. That is kind of scary but cool all at the same time! Get back with us or call in to the show!

    ricky B

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