So I had my wonderful yearly visit to the girl doctor yesterday and, while most people may cringe at going (I normally do and did at the time), today made me glad that I went. Whenever I go into the doctor for any yearly, whether it be girl doctor or regular internist, I ask that they draw blood to check my thyroid. I have hypothyroidism. It appears in more women than men and the majority of women get it post-partum – it shows up after they have a baby. I’ve had mine for a while – they first diagnosed me with it after my junior year of college. I was 21 at the time – I saw an endocrinologist for the first time when I was home over winterbreak during my junior year. I was feeling awful – cold all the time, sleeping for hours on end without feeling refreshed (even though I would sleep for 9 hours AND take a nap!!), losing hair.

I began taking Synthroid and have to take it everyday and will have to take it everyday for the rest of my life. I will have to have my blood drawn for the rest of my life to make sure my levels are stable.  Anyways, this past go around, I was really happy I had them draw it.  I was stable after I had Nate – pregnancy always does wierd things with the thyroid but so far it was great.  Lately though I had been feeling just worn down and tired – I thought that I was getting Nate’s cold.  But the results came back and apparently my TSH levels were off the charts – a 20 (they should be between .5 and 1.0 for it to be normal). They increased my dosage so hopefully, it will work out.

One thought on “Health

  1. I sometimes wonder if I have any thyroid issues. I never feel that tired or worn down, but I’ve always lost a ton of hair and people have mentioned it in relation to my milk supply issues.
    I hope you get some good meds to fix it!

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