Our first trip

Yesterday, we got back from our first trans-country trip to California. We flew out on Wednesday and returned yesterday.  We stayed in Norwalk with Izzy’s parents. Norwalk is near Cerritos and Santa Fe Springs in LA County. Nate did surprisingly well on the plane – hardly fussy and slept a lot. Everyone remarked on what a good baby he was! On Thursday, we went to see the new children’s center at Izzy’s old Church.  Then, we went to Huntington Beach and hung out with the family there. On Friday, Nate took his first trip to Disneyland!!! Of course, we took lots and lots of pictures.  He even went on a few rides – Dumbo, Peter Pan’s Flight, Pirates of the Caribbean, and this Finding Nemo ride. He did well. Of course, we went on all the big kid rides too – Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Thunder Mountain Railroad, Indiana Jones. Had a great time and bought some new pins too! On Saturday, we went to his cousin’s wedding. The ceremony was held at The Bridge.  Afterwards a bunch of us went out sans children for drinks because the reception was a dry reception.

Nate now is sick – he was running a fever last night, so I stayed home with him today.  Poor kid was coughing all day.  And yet, he still had me running around like there was no tomorrow.  It really threw me back to the days that I was at home on maternity leave, mostly because I felt like I had lost connections with everyone and everything. I was lonely and craving some sort of adult conversation outside of the internet. I was happy that I was able to get out for a bit with him – we had to go to CVS to get Tylenol and other baby sickness items – which I never would have done with him in the first months after his birth. But still, I had minimal contact with people and found myself getting frustrated and depressed quite easily thorughout the day, in spite of the beautiful weather and the phone calls from my husband and a couple of friends from work, checking in on me. I am lucky that I at least have those supports in place.

Well, dinner’s ready – I’m working on reviews of a couple of books and keep a look out for pics being added soon!

One thought on “Our first trip

  1. Sounds like me. I stayed home today, and I hate it. I miss my routine. I hope Andrew sleeps better tonight.
    ps. Peter Pan is the best Fantasyland dark ride. 😀

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