So today, as I went to vote at my local church, which also happens to be our local polling place, I signed up Nate to have him baptised. I’m going to start taking him to Church on Sundays and maybe doing a little bit more. In some ways, I feel like such a hypocrite doing this. I was raised a Catholic. I went from baptism, through confirmation. But I grew away from the Church. Part of it was the fact that I felt forced to go to CCD from the time that I was in first grade all the way through eighth grade, when I was confirmed. Another huge drawback for me is that I don’t always agree with what the Church teaches – about the roles of women, the views on abortion and the views on homosexuality.

The Church that I go to when I do go tends to be pretty liberal as far as Catholicism goes. They have female altar people (more conservative churches don’t allow for female altar servers), and have accepted Nate and I, even though Izzy is not Catholic. They don’t require that women cover their heads during service and allow women to partake in giving of the Eucharist. The big thing about Catholics and baptism, is that I have to basically promise to raise Nate in the Catholic faith when I have him baptised.  I’ve basically promised to myself that I will take him to Church and enroll him in CCD classes but I won’t necessarily force him to take an interest. I want to try to give him lots of reading on other religions as well. I saw what forcing the matter did to me – it turned me off to ALL kinds of faith and religion – and I don’t want that for Nate. I want him to explore what interests him and what he believes in.


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