I am addicted…

…to podcasts. I love listening to them and downloading them. I think I’m a voyeur in the sense that I love getting a glimpse into people’s live, however limited and contrived that glimpse is. I totally know that sometimes, the glimpse that I’m getting isn’t completely genuine. People portray themselves online as they do in real life – how they want to be seen by others and the part that they play in public isn’t always how they are in the privacy of their own lives. But I don’t care. I still love it. I listen to everything from NPR shows, to shows about World of Warcraft, to shows about Disneyworld to shows about mommying and writing.  And I NEVER get bored.  That’s also a part of the reason I like blogs. 

I am also addicted to books and reading. I think that I have the largest book collection of anyone in my family.  Definitely in my immediate family and maybe even in the family – sisters, parents, in laws etc. I have a lot of books. I love to read them and I physically like the look of them, the feel of them and the smell of them. I like the physical aspect of reading – turning the pages and finishing a book.

And of course COFFEE!!!!!!! I can’t get enough especially on cold, dark winter mornings.


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