Politics, publishing and not enough time in the day

So, I watched a bit of the debate last night and I have to say that I believe that John McCain did horribly.  At one point, I was sitting at my computer, listening to the T.V. and, he sounded like Dubya as far as his policies went and his responses. The only difference was the voice – it was obviously McCain’s voice. He had a poor showing in my opinion.  I CANNOT WAIT until the Biden/Palin debate. I’m actually going to WATCH that – get my popcorn out and maybe invite folks over. 😉

So, anyways, enough about that.  I’ve started freelancing again and am writing short articles for Associated Content.  I’ve just had an article published over there on the bar exam so please head on over there and check it out.  There are also book reviews, movie reviews and restaurant reviews that I’ve written. I hope that you enjoy!

There doesn’t ever seem to be enough time in the day for me to get everything done.  I either need to be better at time management or something needs to change.  I don’t know how folks like MommyofMany get it all done and get it done well!  There are days I just want to hang my head and cry! I love listening to her podcast, though, even on my more difficult days, because she gives me hope and inspiration. I mean, seriously, if she can do it with like 9 kids, then I can do it with 1, a full time demanding job and no family in the area aside from the little unit that we have set up already.


One thought on “Politics, publishing and not enough time in the day

  1. Hey, I wanted to introduce myself. I’m Laura, I work @ AC and maintain the official blog. So happy that you’re submitting articles for us–it’s good to have you. We have a large community of working and SAHMS at AC and I hope that you are able to connect with them. Looking forward to reading more of your reviews and blog posts! Laura

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