…are my favorite day of the week I think. Izzy picks Nate up, so I know that they’ll both be at home when I get home. I can stay late at work if I need to catch up on things or I can go home to my family or I can go to the gym and do yoga.  I also love Thursdays because it means the end of the week – Fridays, with the weekend Times and all that weekends entail. Cooking, baking, reading, World of Warcraft, leaf peeping, whatever it is. And wonderful TV shows!  Yay for Ugly Betty, The Office and Grey’s.  Thursdays are also insanely fun because I get my New Yorker magazine, which I can absolutely devour in one sitting. 

Today’s Thursday was also really nice – it’s finally beginning to feel like fall out there during the day. In September, we have our fair share of cool nights, but our days are still pretty warm and can get really humid. But October brings cooler nights and cool, dry days, even when sunny. And that’s what it was like weather wise today. I loved that I could wear a big chunky sweater over my shirt. 

This Thursday is a particularly big TV night – the VP debate is being aired at 9 EST.  I am actually forcing myself to stay up to watch it – normally I’m in bed and falling asleep or asleep by 9, but this is important. I want to see how Governor Palin does against Senator Biden. I don’t have high hopes for her.  She’s woefully ignorant on a lot of topics that I feel should be important to us in this election – foreign affairs and the economy being two really important ones.  I just don’t have much confidence in her or Senator McCain.


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