I get healthy doses of nostalgia at times. OK, sometimes it’s more than healthy – I can be nostalgic for days at a time. I think that the longest that I went was 2 weeks of straight nostalgia, even during pregnancy. But anyways, I got hit really hard and unexpectedly with it this morning. 

For those of you that have lived in or worked in or have visited New York City during the winter, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. This morning, I’m going to get my coffee and I smell this smell – the smell that reminded me of the vendors on the streets in Midtown and Downtown that sell the chestnuts and pretzels during the winter and late fall.  And I really missed it – taking the train into Madison Square Garden and walking around. Going to see the tree in Rockerfeller Center.  The whole nine yards. And then I told myself that I would bring Nate there at some point, maybe to see the Turkey Day Parade – where my parents lost me (no kidding but that’s going to be another post for another day!).


2 thoughts on “Nostalgia

  1. Oh gosh, I know how you feel! I only worked in Midtown for 3 years before we moved Upstate in 2000, but some days I sure do miss it. I’ve only been back to the city once, just recently for the Romp for Research. But that was on the Upper West Side, so it just wasn’t the same.

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