Shopping post-motherhood

leaves much to be desired. I went shopping today for a dress to wear when going to my girlfriend’s wedding. Did I mention that I’m in the wedding party and that the color is navy blue?  I bought a dress, but it wasn’t my favorite dress and isn’t the best dress that I’ve ever gotten. Part of the problem is that I still haven’t lost all the baby weight. Part of the problem is that I don’t exercise nearly as much as I used to pre-baby.  And my eating habits leave a little to be desired.  So, first I’m going to try working exercise into my schedule in a much more regular manner.  I’ll give that a couple of weeks and then make small slow changes to my eating habits as the weeks go by. 

We were also in Target today – there’s a Target in the mall that we go to – and they had their Christmas stuff out. It wasn’t ostentatious, not as in your face as their Halloween and Thanksgiving stuff was, but there was a small section of the store that had a small selection of Christmas cards and tree ornaments out.  It’s only OCTOBER 5th for CRYING OUT LOUD FOLKS.  It’s just too early for me!!!


One thought on “Shopping post-motherhood

  1. It’s only going to get worse. Before Halloween, all the malls and the Targets, and the Walmarts are gonna look like its december. Trust me, I can relate, and I can understand your anger, buddy.

    Life is such a roller coaster, isn’t it, folks?

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