We’re getting political…AGAIN!

Ok, ok, ok. I know. But this is such a big part of who I am – I am scared about this upcoming election and what it means if McCain wins.  I love politics, always have, always will. I’ve learned to curtail discussion because they can get really personal, really quickly, but anyways. I was watching the debate last night and it played out like I thought it would but the way that Mr. McCain acted towards Mr. Obama just absolutely disgusted me.  Take a look:

“That one?”  I think that it was meant to de-humanize the more human of the two candidates, but come on! It also has racial overtones too. It wasn’t even “he did” it was “THAT one” as if Mr. Obama was just a thing, a piece of property in a way. Absolutely horrendous.

And here, we see Mr. Obama go to shake Mr. McCain’s hand and Mr. McCain ignores it!  Luckily his wife showed some decency and shook his hand.  How AWFUL!  I mean, come on. You’re running for President, which is important and has been contentious, but this is supposed to be for the good of the country.  It’s not about YOU Mr. McCain.  It has never been and will never be about YOU, in the selfish sense of the word. It’s not about you gaining prestige for yourself.  It’s about the state of our country now (a shambles) and where we’re going in the future. How am I supposed to be persuaded that you will handle our interests in a humble and decorous manner when you can’t even treat a fellow Senator with the respect that he deserves? How am I supposed to be persuaded that you’ll treat me and my family with the respect and empathy that we deserve? And what about the people that have less than we do (which is a lot!)?  I don’t think that you can persuade me at this point.


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