Life isn’t fair

Bad things happen to good people. Yes, it’s a common saying. So common, it’s cliche. I know that.  But it’s so common and cliche because it’s the truth.  And bad things always seem to happen at the most inconvenient times. I know that I’m not supposed to be sappy because, well, it probably makes it harder when the people that are closest to you are sappy. But stil. I feel guilty that I haven’t had to endure the struggles that most other people have. I haven’t had life threatening ilneses or physically abusive parents. I have lived a life of luxury and things have come easier to me than for some other people. And I have a cute little boy that I adore more than anything. But not everyone is that fortunate…so I try to be grateful every day, even though sometimes, I get so frustrated.

On a happier, more mundane, note, today was a warm and sunny day. There won’t be too many of them left before the winter snow decides to pound us.  I’m on a classics kick and am reading Catcher in the Rye and Native Son and am loving them. And a long weekend coming up will mean a little bit of a break from the daily nonsense.


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