My First Flashback Friday

Now that was some great alliteration up there if I do say so myself. My first Flashback Friday deals with the picture in this post and the associated posts over on my Flickr sidebar. I was up in the Great North Woods region today visiting a client and I couldn’t help but remember how I used to live there and in the White Mountains Region with Izzy when we were first married. I used to drive past these views nearly every single day for an entire year and a half, when were living up there, since I had to travel over Northern Grafton County and all of Coos County.  The area was very, very rural and I loved some parts of that lifestyle – it was so easy to live off the land and live locally. People are friendly when they got to know your face, and are fiercely independent, which I am also and which I can respect.  I really enjoyed living in a small community, where I felt like I could maintain a very personal connection to people, places and things. And being 5 minutes from decent skiing was an added bonus too.  I loved being able to take time and go skiing on a Tuesday afternoon (unofficially local day at Loon Mountain).

In other ways, I don’t miss it. I don’t think that we would have been able to start a family if were still living up there unless Izzy found a job up there because I simply couldn’t do it all by myself. And having a family was important to me then, as now, even if it was in the abstract. 

I didn’t really talk about the people that I work with because I think that I’m fortunate to work in a program where just about everyone that I work with is going to be awesome in their own way. 



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