Why I was MIA yesterday


Izzy and I decided early last week that we wanted to become full-fledge tourists and go up to see some of the foliage.  So we went to North Conway, NH. I’d been to North Conway before, when I was working in Littleton, mainly for the outlets or driving through to get to the jail in Ossipee but I’ve never been there as a tourist.  It was packed because it’s a long weekend and the height of foliage season. All of the hotels had no vacancies. What should have been like a 2 hour ride ended up being closer to three because of the traffic.  Traffic is one of my pet peeves, quite frankly.

We ended up taking a trip on the Conway Scenic Railway, something that I’ve always wanted to do but never got around to it before. I actually was lobbying pretty hard to take the Cog Railroad, which goes to the top of Mount Washington, but that idea was nixed by the hubby, who thought that the time (three hours round trip) and the grade (pretty steep in some parts) was not appropriate for bringing a nine month old along with us because it would be hard to keep him occupied for that amount of time.  We ended up doing one that was half the time in Conway.  One day, I’m hoping to take the Cog – once in fall and once in winter – just to see.

We also stopped by Zeb’s, my second most favorite country store (next to Chutter’s in Littleton). It’s second because I like Chutter’s fudge better. It’s also second because of the way that I was treated yesterday. I was having a typically blonde moment when I went in to get my fudge and coffee.  It was the end of the day. I had been driving and taking care of an infant the entire day. I was on auto pilot and just exhausted. I ordered my fudge and the lady was like “How much” and I was like “A little piece?” and she got all huffy! She actually huffed and said, in this voice tinged with disdain (and very smoker-like) “What like a quarter pound?” And I was like – look, I know I don’t live here and y’all hate outsiders, but I’m a customer and I used to live here.  I’m sorry that I was an idiot but seriously… 


One thought on “Why I was MIA yesterday

  1. I love going to North Conway. I’ve never been in the fall though, I go up every winter to ski. I’ve taken the train up to Mt. Washington and skied down, it’s amazing. You really have to try it sometime, maybe when the little one is a bit older.

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