…really, really just plain old sucks! I mean, seriously. Biting everything, drool everywhere, crankiness and irritablility. Luckily, we’ve been spared the worse – ear infections and fever galore. I’ll be happy when it’s done though. This, and the sleepness, pain filled nights of early, early infant-hood are the parts that I can surely do without.

It’s officially fall here – with the colors and Halloween impending, how can it not be? But thanks to global warming, it was in the seventies today. I really just want it to be cold again. It’s October for crying out loud. Not May.


One thought on “Teething…

  1. Teething is awful! My oldest started teething at 1 month and had two teeth by 3 months. He pretty much got 4 teeth at a time after that that did include ear infections and fevers! Not fun, but when I look back (he is almost 10 now), it was awful but a short time. Luckily, it does end but it can feel like forever when you are living it, that much I remember!!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. Fall is such a beautiful season, so colourful. But, it has really cooled off here, seems like it will be a cold Halloween for the kids! Maybe you can have some of our coolness and we can trade for some warmth?

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