It’s eerily quiet here. I mean, usually at this time of night Izzy’s here, getting Nate ready for bed and the TV is on and there’s a lot of background noise. But tonight it’s not like that – Izzy is at the damn baseball game after getting another ticket in the lottery and I’m here alone. Well not alone, but Nate’s asleep and it’s just me and the computer. But whatever. I’m not complaining. I just don’t want Nate to be difficult tonight before Izzy gets home from the game, which should be starting soon if there’s no rain delay.

So, there’s like twenty days left until the election and I found this ad on another website and I wanted to share, along with my thoughts. It’s a pretty controversial topic.

It’s a pretty sensitive topic, I know.  I firmly believe that every person should have a choice because no one has the right to force someone to carry a child OR to have an abortion against their will.  I, for one, have no idea what someone else’s circumstances are.  And they don’t know mine.  And these would include my close friends and family. If the people that are closest to me don’t know my own circumstances, how can the government, who legislate from their ivory towers, far away from where I am and where I live and from where people less fortunate than me live?  Now, I for sure am not advocating everyone go out and get abortions as the only form of birth control and I’m not saying we should force abortions on all.  But what I am saying is that this is something that should be decided by the woman, her doctor and her partner, if one exists and that the mark or lack of it is on that person’s soul only, as far as immorality goes.


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