A funny quirk

So in the short time that I have had Nate home, I realized that he has a really funny quirk.  And that quirk reaffirms my belief that he is, in some ways, very much a mirror image of his father, at least insofar as his personality.

So I picked up Nate from daycare and brought him home. We hung out in the kitchen – he was playing with pots and pans and I was making dinner – and lo and behold, he got into the dish of water that we have laid out for the cats. And the water got EVERYWHERE and then Nate CRAWLED through it. He started to cry and then, he wouldn’t crawl on his hands and knees. Instead, he would crawl on his feet and hands, a la downward facing dog! Apparently, he hated the wet feeling of the jeans on his knees and so wouldn’t crawl on them.  That’s so like my husband, who won’t sit or kneel on wet jean material.  I almost died laughing!


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