This election has meant more to me than any other election in the 29 years that I’ve been on this earth.  This is my third Presidential election. Last night and this morning, I felt like I felt on Christmas Eve when I was little – I knew that this was momentous and I didn’t know what was coming. I hoped that the gift that I got and the effort that I put in would amount to a lot.

This election is so important. I feel like our country is at a cusp – economically, politically, culturally, historically – in so many ways that I can’t even comprehend them all. And how we go tonight will change everything – it will change our position in the world, everything. And it’s so much bigger than me. But still, everything that I have done, from blogging, to going to meetings, to trying to get out the vote on Facebook and other social networking sites to talking to people, has been in an effort to make my country the best and better than it was yesterday.  While I thought that 2004 was important, this election is even more so and my heart is even more in it.


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