Weddings and politics


So one of my best friends from law school got married this weekend in Skaneatles. It was a ton of fun…but kind of stressful. It was the first weekend that Izzy and I had been away from Nate and I really missed him. I wasn’t worried about him getting hurt or anything but I was having some wicked bad separation anxiety and was happy to get home today. The drive was really long but I was happy to get to see everyone! 🙂 I also have resolved myself to getting a pedi and mani every month at least.  A manicure maybe more often. It was phenomenal!


We also stopped by my alma matter – that’s me being silly in front of the outside of it. And I also had to take this picture of the composite inside – weddingandmisc-120

Joe Biden really did go to my law school! HAHAHA. That’s him right there. Pretty cool huh? And that’s me standing next to mine below:


And a serious picture or two:



It was nice to be back there but it was still really surreal. It’s hard to believe that I spent three years of my life there and that I haven’t been back since I graduated in 2004. At least not really. I went back for a football game in like 05 I think and then, the closest i got was Tracy’s wedding in Albany, which is hardly anywhere near Syracuse. Anyways, I’m back now. I have a couple of things that I need to review that I won’t be getting to until tomorrow.


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