Twilighters Anonymous and Vet’s Day


I have to admit that I’m a closet Twilight series fan, even though I didn’t like the last book at all. So I took this quiz. For those of you that have read the Twilight books, I’m apparently most like Alice.  I don’t see it. I would have thought that I was most like Esme, but whatever. Twilighters Anonymous is a great site – very well designed, fun and informative with tons of information about the upcoming movie.

Today was a pretty slow day – since it was veteran’s day, the office was closed but I still worked from home anyways. I got a good amount of stuff done, mostly because the darn World of Warcraft servers were all down. This was particularly frustrating because the expansion is coming out on Thursday and I wanted to get as close to level 70 as possible prior to the release (I’m at level 41 right now). For the amount that I pay, the amount of maintenance time should be minimal, quite frankly.

So we had a parent teacher conference today with Nate and he’s doing so well at the daycare. He’s hitting all of his milestones so far with flying colors and doing a little bit more.  He oftentimes initiates socializing with the other babies his age, by doing things like rolling balls to them or going over to them and pointing and babbling and shaking his head (it makes the other two babies close in age to him crack up and then he cracks up and keeps doing it). The only things that he isn’t doing yet is saying his first words, although I’m convinced he gets what I’m saying (because when I say “daddy” he’ll look over to Izzy), and standing up and walking independently, although he’s really close.

Currently reading: A Wallflower Christmas by Lisa Kleypas.


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