…I’m entering into a slump and a depression. I’m seemingly not happy anywhere – work, home. The only time I’m really happy is when I’m playing with Nate and then putting him to bed.  I’m stressed out at work and at home too.  I’ve been sick, every other week, since September. Izzy spends more of his time on the couch, across the room from me, absorbed by his computer and completely ignoring me. And I don’t know quite how to address that because everytime I bring it up, it gets turned around on me. As if it’s my fault and then, I get frustrated and end up crying or yelling in the shower or whatever. It’s got to get better right?!

2 thoughts on “Slump…

  1. It gets better. it comes in cycles. I even take da funk pills and it still comes in but it doesn’t stay as long. Sometimes I can put my head down and march right through it and others, I have to go visit my dark place for just a couple of days. Hopefully this spell isn’t one hwere I need to go visit the place because I don’t have time until sometime in December. Ha – like I can schedule it!

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