Vacation does not mean relaxing…

…at least it hasn’t the last few times that I had it. I had off Thursday and Friday and thought that I would be able to relax and try to beat up on this cold that I have but it didn’t turn out that way.  I was still up at 530/600 trying to take care of Nate and getting the house ready for guests.  Then, the guests arrived and I was up at all hours trying to entertain them and an infant.  Then we had Nate’s christening yesterday – he did really well – and people came over afterwards. I ended up more tired today than I had before going on vacation and I still have this cold. It has been making me so miserable that I even went to the doctor today – they took a strep test and sent me on my way. Basically they think that I have a really nasty cold, not the flu, not strep.

Nate’s christening – pretty fun. The priest held him up in the air afterwards and he clapped his hands when we clapped. I don’t think that I will do well in teaching him about the Church because I struggle so much with it myself but whatever. I’ll bring him there and let him make up his own mind.

Currently reading: Son of a Witch by Greg Maguire and listening to You Belong To Me by Maria De Los Santos


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