Happy belated Turkey Day and what I’m thankful for

Yesterday, I didn’t post. Don’t ask why –  i have no excuse but I didn’t. So Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Black Friday and I hope that you had a nice day!

Here is what I’m thankful for:

  1. That I have a cute, healthy, perfect little boy that so far hasn’t had any major difficulties (knock on wood) aside from the minor daycare cold/ear infection mix.
  2. That I have family that love him and me and would do anything for us.
  3. That I have a roof over my head, a job and some sort of security.
  4. That I have a husband that loves me and is supportive, even when he has brain farts about social stuff occasionally. I mean, who doesn’t really?!

So I’m home today and by home, I mean here, where I grew up. We actually got here late Wednesday night. We drove down here at around Nate’s bedtime so he slept in the car for the majority of the way down here. Yesterday, Turkey Day was here at my parent’s house. Before then, we went to see my grandparents with Nate. When Nate was born, my grandfather, who is 88, got really sick. He developed flu, pneumonia and the fever caused dementia, which he sometimes still gets if he’s getting sick.  Anyways, it was really just sad to see him – he looks “old”. Really skinny and gray.  He couldn’t see us and he kept asking where we were and who was there. When we moved to a different room, we had to walk him over there and sit him down. If he couldn’t sense us around him, he would start to panic and ask us where we were.  We let him hold Nate for a little bit and that seemed to make him happy – he kissed Nate and Nate would pet his face and head and gurgle. That made him happy too…but it was just so sad…

I’m still sick and perhaps worse than I was when we came down here. I’m more congested and now have a cough. I think what happened was that I was recovering from the other cold and got smacked with a new one. I have a doctor’s appointment on Tuesday so hopefully, things will get figured out. I’m switching doctors to Nate’s pediatrician – it just makes more sense to do it that way.


One thought on “Happy belated Turkey Day and what I’m thankful for

  1. i’m going to be dealing with a similar situation when i go *home home* for Christmas. My grandpa is in the same condition but with cancer on top of it. I’m hoping he’ll make it till then

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