First of all, I want to congratulate one of my co-workers for having a baby boy on the 28th! YAY!

We’re getting close to the one year birthdate of little Nate, who isn’t so little anymore when you consider that he’s 21 pounds now (he was 6 at birth) and in the 70’th percentile for height and who is babbling, pointing, doing a sign (usually pointing, more and daddy) and nearly walking!  But still, I can remember the months after I had him – when I was tired all the time and depressed and just not happy, even though I felt like I should be. Now, I’m happier, though it’s still hard.  I run around after him all the time, making sure he isn’t touching everything or getting into something he shouldn’t.  But the rewards are greater – he reaches for me now, just to be held by me. He gives me those gummy, wet baby kisses when he sees me, he cracks up putting his finger in my belly button and giving me raspberries on my tummy.  He is engaging and that is what I love!

So, last night, I was watching The Empire Strikes Back, perhaps the best of all the Star Wars movies, and there was this scene in it that cracked me up more than it had when I had seen it before (make sure you watch the whole thing):

Yoda starts getting into everything that belongs to Luke – his food, his equipment, crawling into everything. And I was thinking to myself – “Hey, that’s NATE!!!!! He does that too!!! And they’re about the same size!” And I started cracking up.

We got home in one piece on Saturday night – really late though. We walked in the door at around 10:30 and I didn’t get to sleep until Midnight.  Then Nate was up at like 5 – I was exhausted all of yesterday. Today I have off and tomorrow as well – good thing!


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