doctor’s appointments

When I was growing up, as a little kid, I had a pediatrician that my parents brought me to regularly for your typical little kid things – shots, strep throat, ear infections, chicken pox (yes, we got it back then – no vaccine for me!) – and that doctor was different than the doctor that my parents went to.  My parents never went to the same doctor that I went to.  Not even adult doctors. Anyways, Nate’s doctor is now my doctor. I had my first appointment with him yesterday. And it was kind of nice in a wierd way because he’s had my son as a patient for the entire first year of his life. It’s almost like I don’t have to re-explain everything to him because I have gone through that already with explaining stuff for my son.  And I feel really comfortable telling him stuff about my health, which is really important for a doctor, don’t you think?

Anyways, Nate has another doctor’s appointment tomorrow to check on his ears. He’s been getting a lot of ear infections lately because he has the daycare cold. You know the one – the one that all the kids in daycare get and share like candy. I feel bad for the poor kid – he’s such a trooper and hardly ever complains about the ears.  I’m so proud of him – lately, he’s been really shining as far as his personality.  He’s begun smooching both Izzy and I without thinking twice about it.  And of course, we get slobbered by it, but it’s so cute and I love it. He’s been clapping on demand and blowing kisses. And he’s also got a sense of humor – he’ll crack up at the littlest things.


One thought on “doctor’s appointments

  1. Such a funny age! Andrew’s doctor is our family doctor as well. So she sees me, my husband, and Andrew. At one of Andrew’s checkups, she pulled Kyle’s chart and checked his blood pressure. We’ve loved having it this way!

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