Gifting and Daycare

So, being that it’s the gift giving season, I’m struggling with one thing.  And it’s something that the Manic Mommies talked about in their latest podcast. Nate is in daycare full time at a national chain. He has two women that are the main teachers in that room, and one woman that is there a lot and then a few other assistants that float in and out depending on need.  I’m wondering if I should get them presents and what I should get them…

We brought Nate to see Santa today at the mall. He’s never seen Santa before, let alone taken a picture with him. He was very, very curious about Santa and very brave, from our arms of course. He would point at Santa and lean out to touch him. Then Santa reached out and took him from Izzy’s arms and the bravery disappeared. There was absolute panic in those eyes. And he was reaching for us.  And he started crying.  But we got this classic picture of him in Santa’s arms – I’ll post it when I get it scanned in. It’s hilarious and something that will exist forever to tease him with when he’s getting married.


4 thoughts on “Gifting and Daycare

  1. I might get the main teachers something small—lotion,gift certificate to bruggers or for coffee, then bring in a “Treat” for everyone else to say thank you. Munchkins, or bagels ….??

  2. I have the same kind of problem…bus drivers. Do I get them gifts? There are bus drivers in the morning and afternoon…that’s 4 bus drivers. I just don’t know.

  3. For the teachers at the school, hand made crafts by the kids are always a treat. Be it a clothes pin angel or a candy cane reindeer. Then there is a box of candy. A group gift is always a hit. Have pizza delivered one afternoon or bring in a baker’s dozen of bagels and smear.

    As for the bus drivers, how about a hand made card for each one by the kids. Its things like that they will cherish once your kids are grown.

  4. Being a teacher myself, I always enjoy the handmade gifts from my students. I would perfer parents to not go out and get something expensive or waste their time in long, busy lines at the mall. I even had one stay at home mom have her son make four coupons to grade spelling tests for me (the mom would). I thought this was the best gift ever.

    As for the bus drivers, I would have to agree with Aunt Murry, that a hand made card or a tin of whole made cookies would be greatly appreciated.

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