…it’s been wicked busy around here the last few days.  My Sunday was wonderful – relaxing!  I woke up to find it snowing – very lightly, but snowing nonetheless and enough that there was a dusting all over everything and enough that when I tried to go to work, it was slippery. I love waking up on mornings and finding that it has snowed. It seems like such a wonderful surprise. Everything looks so clean and I swear the snow seems to muffle all the sounds around it. It’s so quiet. I’m sure that the snow doesn’t really muffle the sounds but that no one is actually out and about, so that is why it is is really quiet.

Nate was up three times last night – three. I’m not sure why. I got up with him at 3:40 and then sunk back asleep so quickly. I actually ended up waking up half an hour later than I normally do and that through everything off. I have become such an animal of routine that I get disconcerted and ruffled really easily when I don’t follow that routine or it changes in some way.

We’re all feeling much, much better, thankfully. I hope that I didn’t just jinx it all!


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