A substantive post and a review

I’m battling yet another cold.  It doesn’t seem to get any better. I feel great for a week and then shitty for a week.  And the weather isn’t helping any.  We’re supposed to get a wicked bad ice storm here. When I went out to my car after work, a thin sheet of ice had already solidified on my back windshield and was beginning to solidify on my front windshield. There will be a nice layer of ice encasing the car tomorrow.  YAY! Always fun times. At least it is almost Friday. Vacation for me starts a week from tomorrow. Next week will be intense but then I go on a two week hiatus, hopefully to get myself well and good.  We’ll be going back to New York for the holiday. It seems like we were just there – and we were for Thanksgiving.

It’s also so hard to believe that Nate is turning a year old on Christmas Day. This time last year, I was on bed rest, ready to burst and then, it happened and my life changed so completely.

Anyways, I have a new review up:


Belong to Me is reviewed here. Enjoy!


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