Today, I was just so cranky. I was cranky when I woke up and cranky when I dropped Nate off at daycare and it took me 45 minutes to drive what should normally be a 15 minute drive because the roads had yet to be plowed. And I was cranky because people didn’t have power yet and it’s going on one week without it for those people. I’m cranky now because I had to cook chili – vegetarian and then a dinner for Izzy and I while watching Nate and Izzy was late and didn’t call me to tell me he would be late. I was just in a wonderful, all around, yucky mood. But the end of the day is drawing near, so I shold just buck up and deal with it. I think that part of the crankiness can be attributed to me trying to wean myself, prematurely, off the Zoloft. It’s been a year since I started taking it – right after Nate’s birth – to help me with Post-Partum Depression. The doctor told me that he usually waits a year or so to start weaning people off of it, but that he doesn’t like to do so in winter in New Hampshire because it’s so gray and dreary. And I get it.  But I wanted to try. Boy what a mistake. I’m going back on it full stregnth until spring…

Tomorrow is my company holiday party and I’m really actually looking forward to it. We do a Yankee swap and spend the afternoon eating and being merry. It’s a lot of fun.

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