Can anyone tell me if it gets easier to keep your home organized when you have a child and work outside of the home?  My home often looks like a hurricane hit it. I find myself doing triage and just barely keeping my head above water when it comes to cleaning. I make piles of stuff and consider it a good day when I know what pile something is in and I can grab it as I’m running out of the house with Nate in my arms at the same time. And the laundry! The shear amounts of laundry that pile up over the course of a week seems insurmountable.  It’s crazy. Does it get better? How do you do it?  And how do those women that work, take the kids, do podcasts, run their own business and all that do it? I just don’t know. I barely have time to breath, eat and exercise and try to keep myself healthy!

It’s snowing here. We got hit pretty hard yesterday – a whopping 10 inches – then it stopped at like 10 in the evening but has been snowing steadily since about eight this morning.  It’s not heavy, white out conditions snow – we had that yesterday – but light. It’s not flurries though – it’s heavy enough that a couple to about 5 inches have accumulated today. Tomorrow we’re supposed to be hit with another snow storm though. I’m so happy that I’m on vacation and don’t have to worry about driving anywhere.

I have a couple of new reviews up:


This review can be found here.


This review can be found here.



2 thoughts on “Honestly

  1. I’ve pondered the same thing so many times. We don’t have kids yet and I struggle with the housework and feeding us as it is. I’ve no idea how I’ll do it when we have kids! 🙂

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