The yearly

If you can believe it, we had Nate’s yearly well child check today but no shots. Because he had a flu booster shot, they want to wait an additional two weeks because of the immune system’s reaction to the flu shot.  I thought that the appointment went really well. We discussed my concerns about Nate not walking yet or really saying other words. We also talked about the link between autism and the Measles, Mumps Rubella shot, which Nate is getting in two weeks. Quite frankly, I don’t think there’s a link and  I think that there’s a much higher, more real risk of Nate getting severely ill from mumps or measles.  AND he gets a chicken pox shot! What is THIS?! I had to get the chicken pox in order to get the immunity. And now, I can get shingles if it decides to reactivate. LIFE!!!!  I guess my folks felt the same way about me getting the MMR vaccine, etc. because they actually got the illnesses.

The doctor gave me something for early intervention programs also and that caused me a little bit of a panic quite frankly.  Nate isn’t walking on his own yet and only has one, maybe two words if that. The doctor said to give them a call in about 4-6 weeks to arrange for an evaluation for early intervention services.  I mean, in some ways, I guess it is good because I would rather that he be evaluated early if there’s a problem, but I think that it’s easy to be in denial and to be really upset if a child has a problem. I mean, you want them to be absolutely, positively just fine and to not have to struggle and something like speech development or lack thereof is a huge struggle.  So I worry…





I also reviewed Dark Knight here. Please enjoy!

On my way to pick up Nate from daycare tonight, I stopped at the library because I had a few books waiting for me: Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Escape and Certain Girls. I also picked up Animal, Vegetable, Miracle and Dedication. I cannot wait to jump right in.

Currently reading: People of the Book by Geraldine Brook


One thought on “The yearly

  1. These doctors blow me away. You have nothing to worry about… Andrew is nowhere near walking (I walked at 18 months) and he only says Mama and SOMEtimes Dada. Nate is well within a completely normal range! *hugs*

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