We’re back!

From our trip to New York for Nate’s birthday, also known as Christmas.  This is the one trip that I think will actually take me much longer to recover from than other trips because there is so much to unpack. Not only was it Christmas but it was Nate’s first birthday, which made me feel like he got double the presents.  And a lot of big item things too – a sled, one of those Radio Flyers, and the huge plastic, brightly colored toys that never seem to really go away. I know that we had them in our house growing up for quite some time after their time for use was up.  I guess that it comes with the turf. 

Nate really enjoyed his birthday/Christmas as you can see:


He was such a good boy, had such a great time and the grandparents spoiled him silly. 

Izzy and I also went into New York City yesterday. We did some of the more touristy things but also went to McSorley’s, a bar that was made famous because of Three Sheets.  It was packed but so much fun.  Totally enjoyed myself and would totally recommend it to anyone who is down in the East Village.

Anyways, I’m home know and am pondering New Year’s resolutions.


2 thoughts on “We’re back!

  1. Adorable picture! I am jealous that your one-year-old has a car. A red one, no less! I am 25, and my mode of transportation is a pair of sneakers. And ocassionally a bicycle.

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