I’m a bona fide loser…

…not only did we stay in last night, but we went to bed before midnight. It was just plain awful.  We did order takeout from our favorite Indian restaurant though. I love Indian food – I particularly enjoy Aloo Mattar, medium spiced and Aloo Paratha as my bread. Are we seeing a trend here – potatoes, potatoes, potatoes. I think that, with my penchant for nifty Irish pubs and for potatoes, I was probably Irish in a prior life.


We also watched Wall-E, which I have reviewed here.

Today was a pretty relaxing day – we went out for lunch and then food shopping. The weather  was really frigid, so we spent the rest of the day indoors…


One thought on “I’m a bona fide loser…

  1. My wife and I had our inlaws visit from Canada and they were willing to babysit our three young children, so we went to the movies, which I didn’t think was totally lame, except the vast majority of theater goers on New Years Eve turned out to be unaccompanied men and the blue haired crowd. Who knew! Still, since we average two movie outings a year now I’ll take it.

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