First day back

…I thought it would be like going back to work after I was done with maternity leave – you know, like a kid’s first day back at school, but it wasn’t. I was anxious but I felt like I got a whole lot done, which was good. I missed Nate a whole lot.

Nate has been having sleeping issues. Lately, he’s been waking up at 2 or 3 in the morning and staying up for about 2 hours and then going to sleep. It’s like his clock is completely off – he is actually wide awake and looking to play with us. Last night, Izzy got up with him and he ended up in our bed, sleeping after eating and I was exhausted when I woke up this morning. I totally wanted to get up at 5 to work out but was too tired to do so. I have my theories as to why Nate is doing this. After our meeting with the pediatrician last week for Nate’s yearly well-child check, we were trying to wean Nate off of formula and onto more solids and whole milk and I think that we’re leaving him hungry. He went right back to sleep after we gave him a bottle in the middle of the night…I would really appreciate any and all recommendations as to how to do this.

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