Daddy/Son Sundays

So, Izzy and Nate had a daddy son Sunday. Izzy was going to take down to the Aquarium in Boston. They left pretty early this morning – around 9:45ish or so. It was right when I was heading out to my yoga class and they’re still not back yet. It’s only 3:45 though. I’m not going to freak out. It’s actually given me time to do stuff around here – I’m working on laundry, which just seems to pile up if I don’t do at least a load a day and I cleaned the kitchen too.  Can you believe it?! I hardly ever clean.

I went to yoga class also and felt so happy that I did.  I haven’t been in quite some time.  I need to start doing that more regularly because it is such a good workout and I felt to relaxed after it.  The rest of my weekend has been pretty boring actually. Nothing too much going on here. I’m watching the Dolphins lose miserably to Baltimore, which makes me happy because I hate the Dolphins. 


I also wrote a review of this audiobook. You can find it here. Enjoy.


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